The FaceStore Opportunity for Merchants

FaceStore is a connected platform for reaching customers in-store with timely and effective promotions, messages, and media that will both engage your customers as well as increase your revenues. With more than 90% of retail sales still taking place in physical stores, merchants have a huge opportunity to engage and influence customers when and where it matters most. While they are in your store.

While online social media does a good job of driving customers to dine and shop at physical brick-and-mortar restaurants and retail shops, the primary ways to reach customers when they are in-store have been limited to traditional signs, posters, and static menu boards.

Reaching customers with the right messages in real time while they are in your store or restaurant is a missing yet critical function. FaceStore fulfills this need.

FaceStore Opportunity

What is FaceStore?

The FaceStore Cloud Service and the FaceStore Mobile App (for Android and iOS devices) allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to create, control, and monitor the delivery of in-store promotions, messages, and media to a network of large screen TV displays located in key locations in your restaurant or store.

FaceStore merchants can subscribe to the FaceStore service on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis for a low monthly subscription fee.

What is FaceStore

Getting Started

Simple Set-Up

The FaceStore streaming player easily attaches to an existing TV display in a matter of minutes.

Instantly Stream Your Social Media

FaceStore will instantly create a streaming display of content from your existing Facebook Page or other social media and display it on the big screen.

Create Custom Contents

Reepeet provides a web-based authoring tool and dashboard to both easily create custom content as well as analyze and monitor your in-store promotions.